My Kitchen Must-Haves!

As we pack up our east coast house and get ready to head out to Colorado, I’ve been sorting through my kitchen gadgets and deciding what is worth packing and what hasn’t been taken out of the cabinet in years! In the discard pile? The original crockpot (it’s cracked and the instant pot puts it to shame!), along with all the plastic storage containers and silicone serving utensils (they soak up soap in the dishwasher yuck!) But, here are my absolutely necessary must-have kitchen items! 


Instant Pot

This baby was a Christmas gift last year and I have used it more than any other kitchen appliance I own (aside from my coffee maker, which isn’t on this list because I figured it’s pretty obvious I would never live without one!) True to its name, the Instant Pot uses pressure-cooking to make your favorite foods super-fast! It can also be used as a slow-cooker, saute pan, rice cooker or bread maker! Because it serves so many purposes it’s a space-saver and a life-saver when you forget to put the pot-roast in and dinner is in an hour!


The Vitamix is pricey, but like the Instant Pot it’s multi-functional as well. It not only blends up smoothies, salad dressings and soups but it can heat them to a high temperature meaning your butternut squash goes from roasted chunks to smooth, hot, ready to eat soup in just minutes. It’s also great for making your own flour at home. If you’re gluten-free, this is a really great perk because by simply switching to the dry blade you can make your own almond, oat, or chickpea flour in seconds! There are a hundred other functions for this one, but I won’t bore you with the entire users manual, just trust me…you need one.

Chef’s Knife

This 8″ Chef’s Knife is really the only knife I need for slicing, dicing, chopping and peeling. I purchased it to use in my culinary class for grad school for just under $10 and it’s still doing heavy duty work day in and day out! Not too sharp with your knife skills? Contact me today to set up a knife skills lesson!

Fish Spatula

You might think this is a silly item to list on my top 5 kitchen items but it is one of the best things I registered for when I got married. I thought I would use it occasionally, when I cooked fish, but it’s useful for so many other things! It’s a super gentle, flexible spatula making it perfect for flipping pancakes or portioning out a tray of brussels sprouts. 

Pyrex Glass Storage/Bakeware

Better than plastic, these bowls and baking dishes go from oven to table to fridge and last FOREVER. They won’t stain, warp, or leach any nasty chemicals into your food, and they make cooking, serving and storage a one-container-affair! Less dishes = happier chef :)What are your kitchen must-haves? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments below! 

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