Nutrition Services

Want to make a change in your eating habits? Having trouble getting nutritious, delicious meals on the table every night? I’m here to help!  I offer a variety of services to help you make your home a healthier, happier place.



Chat with me in-person or virtually via email, Skype, Google Hangout or over the phone for personalized nutrition counseling. Whether you are looking for advice during your pregnancy, tips for feeding your family, or an ongoing weight management plan, this is for you.  


Weight Management
Gestational Diabetes

Nursing Mother

Proper Nutrition
Weight Management


Formula Feeding (Supplementation, Specialized, Allergy)
Introduction of Solids (Baby Led Weaning or Pureed Foods)
Dealing with Picky Eaters


Food Allergies
Picky Eaters
Weight Management

Food Allergies

Allergy-Friendly Food Prep
Shopping Tips

                                                                          Weight Management for All Ages


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I am available for public speaking engagements on a wide range of nutrition topics from breastfeeding to weight loss to the importance of eating locally. Past talks include:

Health Fairs

Farmers’ Markets

Classroom Education Sessions


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Let me come to you and revamp your kitchen to set you up for success. We will go through your pantry and fridge together, item by item, and I will offer simple swaps you can make to support a healthier way of eating.  



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Want to feel more comfortable in the kitchen? Need some help getting quick, healthy meals on the table? Let me teach you some basic skills that will help you enjoy your time in the kitchen. Skills taught include:

Basic Knife Skills

Healthy Vegetable Prep

Meal Planning


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